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Media coverage


BBC World Service documentary on quarter-life crisis, entitled In Search of the Quarter-life Crisis. featuring contributions from Dr Robinson.


Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio - Finding Synchronicity: The connection between spirituality, positive psychology and quantum physics Why a Quarter-Life Crisis Might Actually Help You 

Forever Family Foundation radio interview: The Harmonies of Science & Spirituality



Female First: 5 Signs You Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis And How To Deal With It

Interview with Radio Five Live about quarter-life crisis (fast forward to 3 hours in to programme)

Article in The Independent: More than half of millenials going through 'quarter-life crisis', research finds


Harvesting Happiness podcast: Raising Capable, Prepared Adults in the Twenty First Century with Julie Lythcott-Haims & Dr Oliver Robinson



Interview on Radio New Zealand about mid-life crisis


Daily Mail article "Silver lining to a mid-life crisis? One in four of us suffer emotional upheaval in middle age but it sends our creativity into overdrive"

New Zealand Herald "Why a mid-life crisis may be good for you"

​Science Daily "Increased curiosity is the 'silver lining' of a quarter life and midlife crisis"




Interview in New Scientist - Its never too late for a midlife crisis

The Australian: Brace Yourself for the Late-Life Crisis


Radio 4 programme on Quarter-Life Crisis featuring interview with me and three case studies


​Daily Telegraph front-page feature. “Being yourself at work is not good for your career, study claims”​





The Guardian – “The quarterlife crisis: young, insecure and depressed

The New Scientist – “Feeling depressed? It may be your quarter-life crisis

2010 University of Greenwich retirement survey: summary of findings

Daily Mail: Keeping hold of your friends is the key to retirement

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