Development through Adulthood: An integrative sourcebook


A textbook aimed principally at undergraduate students. It covers a range topics that relate to change and transformation across the adult life course.


1 Adult Development: Meanings and Models
2 Research Methods in Adult Development
3 Cognitive Development
4 Emotional Development
5 Motivational Development
6 Psychosocial Life Stages, Transitions and Crises
7 Personality Development
8 Moral Development
9 Wisdom 
10 Spirituality and Religiosity
11 Mental Disorder, Age and Adult Life Events
12 Social Developments in Adulthood
13 Career Development and Retirement
14 Dying and Bereavement


Key features: 
* Covers qualitative as well as quantitative research; 
* Individual voices bring theories to life by providing insight into real life experiences; 
* Cross-cultural perspectives and alternative perspectives provide examples from beyond the UK and US, offering an important counterbalance to western research; 
* Real-world application features highlight important intervention strategies. 

Development through Adulthood provides a unique interdisciplinary approach, making it essential reading for anybody studying human development, gerontology or an applied social science. 


  • Paperback: 472 pages

  • Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan 

  • ISBN-10: 0230297994

  • ISBN-13: 978-0230297999


"Oliver Robinson has written the best evidence-based account I have read about what it is like to develop through adulthood.  Blending classic sources, contemporary research, and lively case examples, Robinson traces the course of adult experience from our 20s through old age, examining continuity and change in adult development from the standpoints of health and biology, psychology, social relationships, and culture.  This is a textbook about adulthood that adults themselves will appreciate, as will with their younger counterparts, for its balance, breadth, and humanistic spirit." Dan P. McAdams, the Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University 


"After many years in the field both as a practicing Psychologist and Professor, it is in my opinion the single best book summarizing the research, theories and concerns of the field of adult development that I have encountered. Dr. Robinson so admirably presents and reviews pertinent research and theory and achieves this in a manner that is fresh, relevant to concerns of today in adult developmental psychology and exciting. I plan to use it as a supplemental recommendation to top students in my undergraduate classes on Adult Development and Aging and a requirement for graduate study in this area. For anyone who is considered a new text for teaching this topic or for anyone else just interested into a picture of the state of the field, I highly recommend this book." Prof Michael Ferrari, University of Delaware

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