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Consultancy work

I have done consultancy work for a number of organisations over the years, including Morpace, Nestle, Orange, the AA, Aventis, Ford, Saab, Cahoot, Vodafone, Marks and Spencer, Norwich Union, First Choice Holidays, Her Majesty’s Government and the Post Office Ltd.

I have worked with the bank first direct on a campaign to draw awareness to the phenomenon of quarter-life crisis in young adults.

We conducted a brief survey of 25-35 year olds in the UK. A summary of the findings can be viewed here.

We produced a guide to how to turn a quarter-life crisis into a positive and transformative life experience; a "quarter-life catalyst'. Click here or on the image to the right to view this.

We also produced a brief video about quarter-life crisis.

I have also worked with first direct on developing a financial well-being typology and questionnaire to assess this. Click here for more info.

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